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in Serbia: Beoknjiga
in Denmark: Forlaget Punktum
in Spain: Vice Versa
in Isreal: Kinneret

In English: Delacorte and Audio Books

"Daria" is a refugee from one of the many overcrowded, poverty- stricken refugee camps that dot the Middle East. She has been groomed for years by her terrorist handlers. She is a lustrous diamond, polished, educated at the finest schools and Westernized to wipe out any trace of her Middle Eastern heritage. She passes herself off as a cultured, dark-skinned Italian woman from an aristocratic Florentine family, all the while harboring a seething hatred of the West and everything it represents. The wars that claimed the lives of her brothers and her father feed her need for revenge--and revenge she will have. America will lie in waste at her feet.

But soon she has a scientist on her trail who thinks he can put a stop to her lethal journey. He has long predicted that something like this would happen, and has been consistently ignored. Now is his chance to be vindicated.