On a bright, sunny day in September 2012, not unlike another fateful September day eleven years earlier, a plot to bring down America begins to unfold. An elegantly dressed young woman boards a plane in Berlin for New York knowing that she, like the Spanish conquistadors before her, will unleash a plague of certain death on the unsuspecting inhabitants of the New World. The Messenger is the story of her travels across the USA, and the rogue American scientist who is determined to stop her.
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Moscow in the summer of 1918.
After only six months in power the Bolsheviks are threatened from all sides. The treaty at Brest-Litovsk has taken Russia out of the Great War and released a million German soldiers for a spring offensive on the Western Front. Furious, the Allies rush to support a White counter-revolution, and the Bolsheviks suddenly find themselves surrounded and at war with more than twenty different governments.
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It is 1913 and the world is a dangerous place. The Great Powers are locked into a frenzied arms race, the decadent Ottoman empire is in retreat, and the Austrian and Russian Empires intrigue ceaselessly to further their own ambitions. In St. Petersburg, the weak Tsar is preoccupied with his afflicted son and has isolated himself from his starving subjects.
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